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Growing Your Team in a Changing Market

Many companies experience huge growth during challenging times, and your team can too. This mindset is one of looking at everything as an opportunity. Do

Jump Start 2023 With a Team Business-Planning Event

Leading your team requires implementing the new technology, marketing and sales skills to help them compete at a higher level and win. It means staying

Games are Won in the Fourth Quarter

As team leader you’re probably wondering, “how do I end the year strong?” “How can I get my team motivated and keep them motivated through

Leverage Your Team for Immediate Results

I will get right to it–you need more business in the next 30, 60, 90 days and into next year and the first quarter and

Culture Drives Your Sales Team’s Performance

Team leaders and owners of teams face challenges within their sales teams in creating a culture of all top performers. Often a team leader will

Own Your Market, or Somebody Else Will

Having a better strategy is the key to winning in any sport—and this is especially true in real estate sales. If you want to capture

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