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How to Write Copy That Sells High-End Homes

Summarizing the best features of a property with real estate descriptions is just as important as great photography. Writing in a friendly yet professional tone

4 Tips for Working With Wealthy Clients

Getting your clients to complete a successful transaction is as much about managing their personalities as it is about finding the right property. For those

What Matters Most to Affluent Buyers

When selling a high-end property, it’s often about how you frame the positive features that hook an affluent buyer. Though many potential buyers will focus

3 Roadblocks to Look for in a Complex Sale

When working in high-end real estate, you will often find that a sale may involve multiple people throughout the process. It’s also entirely possible that

What Luxury Buyers Expect From You

It’s no surprise that luxury buyers have high expectations. Rising to the occasion and over-delivering in your interactions with luxury buyers is key to retaining

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