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The Hardest Question to Ask

“Wasn’t that the most fun EVER?!” Have you ever yelled that out to a buyer or seller at the end of a transaction? If we’re

Creating Your Firm’s Competitive Advantage

Is it people? Is it processes? Attract and keep talent by solidifying your competitive advantage. Join RISMedia for this month’s FREE ACE Webinar, “Creating Your

Remember to Talk to People

As I have ventured through my 37-plus years as a real estate agent, I have to smile at the fears that kept me from creating

The Prospecting Mindset

During my early days in the business, I always related the word “prospecting” to the words “cold-calling.” I don’t remember why I was so narrow-minded,

A Day in the Life of a Leader

Quite simply, the life of a leader is a life of fighting average. Fighting ordinariness and complacency. It’s natural for you, me and everyone else

Buyer Mastery Through Buyer Consultation

Random conversations with buyers that have no direction or order can be helpful, although in most cases are not. Let’s be honest: Most agents currently

Quick Marketing and Branding Tips

Too often, in this fast-paced business, organization and forethought in marketing and branding are overlooked or forgotten completely. More than anything, it’s vital that your

Why Teams Are the Future

The word “team” in real estate sales has been a fad, a necessity, and highly misunderstood. First and foremost, real estate agents have always worked

Power Teams: Really? Do I Have To?

As a 36-year veteran of selling real estate, more than 20 of which were spent running a team and more than 15 spent coaching, this

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