Alan Fenn

MLS Offers

Alan Fenn began his career as a REALTOR® in 2006, and launched MLS Offers last year as the real estate industry’s first and only standalone offer submission and negotiation platform. As the founder and CEO, Fenn is responsible for leading strategy, product development and daily operations. 

Fenn created the company after realizing that the process of receiving, reviewing and comparing offers was highly disorganized. Many real estate agents had emails scattered throughout their inboxes, which made it difficult to keep track of offers, especially when they were negotiating with multiple potential buyers, representing several sellers, and working with other team members in their offices, he explains.

Alan Fenn | Founder/CEO

MLS Offers

"The offer negotiation stage of the transaction is arguably the most integral, but it has seen the least amount of innovation. I was attracted to the opportunity this presented and I am very proud of the success we have had so far executing on our vision."