Angel Piontek

Coldwell Banker Elite

Angel Piontek is vice president of Marketing at Coldwell Banker Elite in Fredericksburg, Va. As vice president of Marketing, Piontek leads the marketing strategy and team, crafting marketing messages and pinpointing trends, among other responsibilities. She is also an active REALTOR®.

With an advertising background, Piontek is acutely aware of how design intersects with marketing real estate, and how both have evolved with technology. In January 2018, she was an agent in Coldwell Banker’s Blue Crew at The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES); she has also been involved in the development of smart home technology training.

“I’ve loved helping to bring awareness and education to the real estate industry on the benefits of smart home technology,” says Piontek, a self-proclaimed “huge smart home junkie.” “My goal has been to help people understand the clear benefits gained by marketing and selling a property that has been enhanced with smart home technology.”

Her approach to business is also centered on tech—adopting it, where appropriate, to the benefit of the consumer.

“I believe that the key to longevity in business is adaptability,” she says. “The things that worked 10 years ago may not be the best or most effective methods today. The most effective way to ensure that you are adapting is to remain customer-focused. Listen to the needs of your clients, and be open to learning new ideas. A significant part of that strategy is to embrace technology and weave it into your services to create an exceptional experience for your clients. In doing so, you gain brand champions that will genuinely promote you and your mission.”

Angel Piontek
VP of Marketing

Coldwell Banker Elite

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