Bob Portale

RELO Direct, Inc.

Bob Portale, president & CEO of RELO Direct, has been a catalyst for change in the relocation industry, aligning services with prevailing market needs and trends. His initiatives in 2023 not only supported corporate clients in their successful relocations, but empowered his employees to provide a comprehensive suite of benefits that redefine industry standards.

Applying Relo Direct’s, “You First” philosophy to everything he does, in 2023, Portale introduced the company’s groundbreaking Direct to Employee (D2E) business model, a visionary program centered on supporting corporate clients in the competitive talent market by offering the perks of a conventional program, such as access to RELO Direct’s reputable supply chain, expert counseling and guidance, on top of an extensive suite of benefits.

By embracing innovative models like D2E, which address contemporary challenges such as quality of life and cost of living, Portale showcases his commitment to transforming and enhancing the relocation experience for both employers and his employees. This cutting-edge initiative not only provides access to Relo Direct’s established supply chain, but helps employers potentially keep valuable talent longer, reducing the risk of losing experienced professionals often tied to relocations.

“The most rewarding part of my career, without a doubt, has been the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives through relocation services,” says Portale. “Knowing that our work at RELO Direct directly contributes to reducing the stress and uncertainty that often comes with moving is truly gratifying. The most rewarding part of my career is the blend of personal satisfaction and the knowledge that we’re making a difference in the lives of our clients, employees and their families. This sense of purpose is what drives me every day as the president and CEO of RELO Direct, and it’s what continues to make this journey so fulfilling and meaningful.”

Bob Portale
President & CEO

RELO Direct, Inc.

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