Brad Bjelke

Brad Bjelke, CEO of, epitomizes leadership through action, consistently propelling transformative changes within the real estate landscape. His approach integrates innovation with inclusivity, ensuring collective participation in the journey towards success.

This past year, Bjelke led the charge by pioneering a dedicated MLS section for floor plans, positioning his MLS as the trailblazer nationally. This strategic move streamlined the process for real estate professionals and consumers to access floor plans efficiently, eliminating the need to navigate through extensive photo carousels.

Early in the year, Bjelke spearheaded the successful launch of photo intelligence technology, a game-changing tool for members. This innovative system enabled AI-tagged descriptions for photos, a novel feature complemented by the revolutionary incorporation of photo locations within properties. Empowering consumers to not only search by room type and photo tags but also visualize the exact location of the photo within the property revolutionized the MLS user experience.

Bjelke’s initiatives extended beyond technological advancements. He facilitated the debut of Aligned Showings, the first MLS-backed product, achieving an impressive adoption rate of over 50% within the initial months among nearly 20,000 members. Bjelke’s vision transcended state borders with the implementation of a groundbreaking datashare initiative with New Mexico MLS. This collaborative effort showcased the potential for MLSs to collaborate across states, emphasizing superior service delivery to agents and brokers.

“The most rewarding aspect of my career has been developing and mentoring my talented staff,” says Bjelke. “Building a team that can successfully execute plans and business goals was one of my lifelong career goals, and it is amazing to watch it come to fruition.”

Brad Bjelke

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