Brian Tolkin


In his influential role as vice president of product at Opendoor, Brian Tolkin has been at the forefront of driving innovation, leading six dynamic teams of over 60 engineers and developers and orchestrating the development and implementation of groundbreaking products that have reshaped the real estate sector over the last five years. Tolkin’s strategic vision and leadership continues to drive Opendoor’s innovation, providing customers with progressive solutions in the real estate market.

In 2023, Tolkin played a pivotal role in rolling out Opendoor’s new listing offering, providing customers with an extra option to sell their homes while keeping command of the process. The standout feature, “Offer Lock,” gives Opendoor-listed customers the ability to secure a cash offer for 60 days. This past February, Tolkin also led the product team that facilitated Opendoor’s most extensive partnership to-date with Zillow. Through this collaboration, customers starting their selling journey with Zillow can now simultaneously request a cash offer from Opendoor and obtain an estimate of their home’s potential sale value from a local Zillow Premier Agent partner.

Tolkin’s oversight of the partnership’s strategic product development and execution continues to empower homeowners with diversified selling options. His invaluable contributions, ranging from digitizing Opendoor’s complete customer experience to orchestrating product collaborations have redefined how people approach relocation.

“Moving is one of life’s biggest financial and emotional decisions, and being able to build smart, tailored products to ease that process is very rewarding,” says Tolkin. “The products my team creates at Opendoor unlock new potential for all groups of people, from newlyweds to retirees, to begin their next phase of life. We’ve served hundreds of thousands of customers so far, and are eager to continue supporting even more.”

Brian Tolkin
Vice President of Product


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