Chao Cheng-Shorland


Chao Cheng-Shorland, CEO and co-founder of ShelterZoom, says 2019 was a monumental year for the real estate technology company.

ShelterZoom launched a fully digital, tokenized smart contract platform, Mithra Contract, to revolutionize the way people buy, sell or rent any type of property. The company also announced the Contract of Things (CoT), a patent-pending invention in which all interrelated elements, objects, entities and processes associated with agreements and contracts will be made fully digital, interconnected and interoperable. ShelterZoom’s vision is to become the company that establishes dominance in the world of digital contracts and smart contracts via the CoT.

Cheng-Shorland is a highly experienced executive and industry thought leader, internationally renowned for her work applying blockchain technology to create real value in people’s daily lives. Prior to co-founding ShelterZoom with Allen Alishahi in 2017, she led many high-value and complex programs, including, as an enterprise architect, the $40 billion joint venture project between ConocoPhillips and Origin Energy. Cheng-Shorland is also a member of the Forbes Tech Council and a recipient of the Chief Executive Woman program.

Cheng-Shorland says, “The best part of my job is seeing how technology can solve cumbersome, time-consuming pain points during the real estate offer and acceptance process so agents can spend more of their time directly addressing client needs.”

Chao Cheng-Shorland
CEO & Co-Founder

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