Cheryl McAdam

Latter & Blum

Cheryl McAdam, president of residential services at Latter & Blum, is a forward-thinking leader committed to driving the real estate industry forward. Her ability to lead through complex situations while focusing on the company’s growth and development makes her an exceptional trailblazer.

Expanding on the success of the 2022 ABR certification, McAdam continued her proactive approach to change in 2023. She introduced an exclusive buyer representation agreement, distinguishing the company by prioritizing buyer interests. In tandem with this agreement, McAdam developed a comprehensive six-week training program and buyer guides, empowering agents with expertise in exclusive buyer representation.

During a challenging market downturn in 2023, McAdam demonstrated her commitment to her cohort of 1,800 agents by equipping them with cutting-edge tech tools and knowledge. In her efforts to advance industry standards, McAdam fostered an environment of continuous learning. Her  proactive approach amid legal complexities showcased her ability to navigate challenges while ensuring the company’s growth and the professional development of its agents and leaders..

“The most rewarding part of my career lies in the ability to shape and drive the success of the entire organization,” says McAdam. “Above all, it’s the relationships I build along the way that make this career truly rewarding. Building friendships with the agents, working closely with a dedicated operations and management team and collaborating with various professionals in the industry creates a sense of community and accomplishment. Knowing that my work contributes to the happiness and security of others makes every effort worthwhile.”

Cheryl McAdam
President of Residential Services

Latter & Blum

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