Chris Suarez

Xperience Real Estate and PDX Property Group, Keller Williams

Chris Suarez is a trailblazer in the agent expansion movement, an approach that empowers agents to work within traditional brokerage models to expand their businesses into multiple states. Over the past 20 years, he has built a career as a successful real estate agent, leader, broker, coach and entrepreneur. Suarez is the founder and CEO of Xperience Real Estate, which has grown to become one of Keller Williams’ fastest-growing and most productive expansion businesses, operating in 15 states and two countries. 

Suarez owns five Keller Williams offices in Oregon and the Keller Williams Master Franchise in Costa Rica, and also leads the KW MAPS coaching expansion program, Build Your Business to Expand. He has helped brokers and agents resist disruptors to follow a scalable, sustainable path to growth. Suarez is passionate about identifying talented people and partnering with them. He attributes much of his success to the caliber of people with whom he has had the opportunity to work. 

Chris Suarez | CEO and Founder

Xperience Real Estate and PDX Property Group, Keller Williams

"I am proud of being recognized as one of the most innovative teams in the industry that I have dedicated my entire career to."