Dava Davin

Portside Real Estate Group

Founder and CEO of Portside Real Estate Group, Dava Davin is the sole owner of the fifth-largest real estate company in Maine. She has even helped make it the No. 1 female-owned real estate company in the state.

After closing an office down in March 2020, Davin increased her agent count by 40 percent, crediting her business success to the community, who appreciated the proactive approach to the coronavirus, as well as her commitment to her state and her guidance for agents through a turbulent year. Davin is also very active in giving back to her community, raising over $150,000 through Portside Foundation 501(c)(3) by hosting events and closing donations for local nonprofits.

“Nothing is out of reach if you are willing to put in the work, accept the defeats, be better tomorrow than you were today and focus on creating a better world for those around you,” she says.

Dava Davin | Founder & Principal

Portside Real Estate Group