David Mele

David Mele, president of, responded to the scrutiny surrounding racial inequality and social justice in 2020 with a corporate commitment. Though the company had already embraced diversity, with a workforce of different races, ethnicities and cultures from around the world, Mele still sought to enrich the company’s efforts with dedicated initiatives focused on action and education.

He spearheaded this project with a public-facing denouncement of racism and support of equality, championed by a diverse group of employees. This led to the creation of internal and external educational resources, including a focus group dedicated to understanding and promoting the right to fair housing for all, as well as insights from industry experts inspiring organizational action.

“With our first core value being Humanity, we knew we had to do something to make a difference,” says Mele. “As a leadership team, we listened to our employees, the industry and consumers. We worked hard to be there for our team members and support them in whatever way they needed.”

David Mele