Jeremy Crawford

Real Estate Standards Organization

As the chief executive officer of the non-profit Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO), Crawford sits at the helm of one of the real estate industry’s most future-focused organizations responsible for the creation, promotion and adoption of standards that are fueling innovation and helping to streamline the real estate transaction.

The organization’s growth this year represents a 500 percent increase in RESO membership since just 2015. RESO surpassed 825 member organizations in 2018, representing nearly 1 million brokers and agents worldwide that are committed and involved in the future of real estate data standards, which will impact the industry in a positive manner…and now with a global footprint.

Jeremy Crawford | CEO

Real Estate Standards Organization

"RESO Standards have gone global in 2018, not only making a positive impact in the U.S. and Canadian markets but expanding beyond into Brazil, Spain, Germany, Australia and beyond."