Jeremy Foster


Jeremy Foster, founder and chairman of Calque, is a financial technology expert with over 15 years of experience in executive leadership roles across real estate and financial industries. Under his leadership, Foster has helped revolutionize the real estate market by delivering enhanced consumer experiences and pioneering solutions that reshape industry practices.

In 2023, Calque launched partnerships with two top-30 lenders, with plans to add two more. They also rolled out a simplified Buy Before You Sell (BBYS) solution that substantially reduces agent workload and consumer fees. This solution quickly gained momentum, becoming a top choice for BBYS by efficiently streamlining transactions and cutting out extra steps.

Fueled by his leadership, Calque hit major milestones this year by sealing a Series A funding round and gaining a wide geographic reach among BBYS providers. Even in a tough economy, the company managed to snag substantial funding in August 2023, powering its growth initiatives.

“Calque’s Trade-In Mortgage allows consumers to buy a home before they’ve sold their current home, essentially enabling them to transfer their wealth in a manner that has previously only been possible for the rich,” says Foster. “That, to me, is an unmatched value proposition that could make a real difference for the average American. Knowing that our product could have such a great impact on helping a person achieve their homeownership goals is extremely rewarding to me.”

Jeremy Foster
Founder & Chairman


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