Lennox Scott

John L. Scott Real Estate

The third-generation chairman and CEO of John L. Scott Real Estate, Lennox Scott, serves as the leader of the firm’s executive team, which collaborates and focuses on opportunities and positive outcomes of real estate trends. The executive team is also instrumental in developing and implementing action plans leading to innovation and ongoing success in the industry.

In looking back at 2018, Scott’s greatest accomplishment centers around leading the John L. Scott team through the trends that are currently top of mind in the real estate industry, including discount brokerages, Wall Street real estate and shifts in the market.

Lennox Scott | Chairman & CEO

John L. Scott Real Estate

"At John L. Scott, our core value as a company is 'Living Life as a Contribution®.' We live this on a daily basis through our work with our clients, our teammates and the children we support through the John L. Scott Foundation. We then take this core value home with our family and friends, local community and our individual places of faith."