Leon d'Ancona

REality Software at IMS Incorporated

When Leon d’Ancona realized that only half a percent of real estate agents and brokers used any statistics to guide their decisions, he created REality to change that. With d’Ancona as CEO, REality is recognized as one of North America’s leading authorities on statistical real estate intelligence, using statistical analysis to help listing and selling professionals understand market trends and identify “actionable niches” to maximize profits. Thousands of brokers and recruiters also use REality to recruit agents who will be a “perfect fit.” REality currently has seven levels to suit the needs of individuals.

d’Ancona started a business in Toronto and used his own capital to buy homes, then renovated them and sold them at a profit. He used statistics to identify properties that would be most likely to sell quickly at a profit and to choose the most successful marketing professionals. While others in the industry struggled, d’Ancona’s business thrived.

Leon d'Ancona | CEO

REality Software at IMS Incorporated

"The notion that 90 percent of sales are done by the top 10 percent is a total fallacy. Almost 33 percent of sales are done by people who did three or fewer transactions."