Mike Hickman

Seven Gables Real Estate

Mike Hickman, CEO/president of Seven Gables Real Estate and four other companies, led his team through the challenges of COVID-19 with daily company-wide town halls and leadership meetings, consumer panels, guest presenters, Wellness Wednesday, a Business Community Outreach Program, financial and food assistance, a school initiative to help parents with homeschooling, and COVID-19 kits for agents. In 2020, the team also posted historic sales volume.

Hickman noted that the influence of Coaches John Wooden and Gary Adams formed the foundation for everything that Seven Gables Real Estate stands for: building culture, developing people, and selectively growing. The company’s core values developed in 2008 under the tutelage of Marc Davison.

Mike Hickman | Chief Executive Officer & President

Seven Gables Real Estate

"Always challenging the status quo; we will always lead - we will never follow."

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