Rick Altizer


In mid-2019, Rick Altizer was appointed CEO of Earnnest, a digital platform that allows for the secure deposit of funds directly to an escrow holder. Not long after joining the company, Altizer led Earnnest into a strategic partnership with Lone Wolf Technologies. This partnership will integrate Lone Wolf’s transaction management solutions, zipForm Plus and TransactionDesk, with Earnnest’s secure earnest payment platform, to digitize the entire earnest money deposit (EMD) process for real estate agents, brokerages and consumers.

Earnnest’s platform connects to more than 12,000 financial institutions nationwide with banking-level security and encryption to ensure money arrives securely through ACH payment transfers, mitigating the growing risks of wire fraud. The partnership with Lone Wolf extends this service to 1.4 million agents, 9,000 brokerages and 20,000 offices across Canada and the U.S.

Rick Altizer | CEO


"As good as we are, I know we can do better. We are always grateful, but never really satisfied." Earnnest has an incredible opportunity to create value for the real estate industry--for our customers and partners, for our employees and for each Earnnest investor.  By good business management grounded in our core values of being "inquisitive, collaborative and reliable," we will improve our operating model, deliver outsized returns and change the way businesses and their customers think about sending and receiving secure and compliant payments.