Robert Wilkinson


At the forefront of REcolorado’s progressive strides in 2023, Robert Wilkinson, vice president and CTO, contributed trailblazing efforts in information technology, program management and large-scale systems implementation. His strategic approach in structuring departments for enhanced efficiency, coupled with his extensive experience and guidance, paved the way for the team to achieve significant milestones.

In 2023, Wilkinson organized his department to ensure the company’s efficiency, making it simpler to embrace vendor technology and collaborate on crafting fresh services for subscribers. Under his direction, the team introduced groundbreaking tools like Media Bridge, streamlining processes and significantly benefiting customers by reducing time and effort.

Wilkinson’s emphasis on adopting advanced technologies like MLS Grid and SkySlope, and simplifying real estate transactions and enhancing user experience, showcases his forward-thinking approach to tech solutions. He has also taken a proactive stance on cybersecurity updates and fostering collaborations within the industry. Through his pioneering initiatives and commitment to technological advancement, Wilkinson sets a precedent for transformative leadership in the real estate technology sphere.

“REcolorado has a highly decorated customer success team that is able to quickly and efficiently respond to customer needs, effectively communicate with them and deliver education and development using a variety of modalities,” says Wilkinson. “It has been rewarding to watch the team not only develop a stronger understanding of our customers’ needs, but to also build and deliver intuitive, modern tool sets that have a positive impact on their workflows and make the transaction more accurate and efficient. It is also very rewarding to hear the accolades our company receives and know the technology tools we provide behind the scenes contribute to that.”

Robert Wilkinson
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer


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