Sabine Steinbrecher

Hiveologie (a division of Learning Library Inc.)

Growing is learning, and real estate agents are nothing if not eager to grow. But growing in how we even think about the concept of learning? That’s a job for a true visionary—and that visionary is Sabine Steinbrecher.

With a staggering depth of experience in professional learning concepts, Steinbrecher had both the foundation and capacity to imagine something different. That something is Hiveologie—a brand-new elearning model that also gifted Steinbrecher her unique title.

Looking to enrich education while integrating data and increasing retention, this joint venture with industry leading content experts looks to revolutionize professional education and give agents a new perspective on these programs.

Steinbrecher also incorporated real-life hives in this socially conscious venture, building a bee sanctuary to protect the health of actual, physical biomes.

“Hives are undeniably thriving, nurturing, practical and critical ecosystems. We believe the same needs to be true for our agent communities,” she says.

Sabine Steinbrecher
CEO/Chief Hiveologist

Hiveologie (a division of Learning Library Inc.)

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