Sajag Patel

Keller Williams Realty International

Keller Williams Realty International COO Sajag Patel’s trailblazing contributions lie in his proactive efforts to expand Keller Williams’ reach into diverse real estate markets, fostering a culture of innovation, growth and entrepreneurship within the organization. His leadership has played a crucial role in propelling Keller Williams towards creating tailored communities for agents and catering to clients’ needs in an evolving market.

In 2023 alone, Patel led the creation of five additional business communities at Keller Williams, including KW Operations, KW Wellness, KW Clarity, KW Teamerage and KW Offerings. This move not only contributed to Keller Williams’ diverse portfolio and market presence, but demonstrated Patel’s unique forward thinking approach when it comes to leadership.

Under his direction, Patel has bolstered his agents’ working within these new communities with the ample resources needed for success, such as tailored training, cutting-edge technology, coaching, exclusive events and referral opportunities. These expansion efforts highlight his innovative mindset, but his commitment toward agent growth.

“In today’s increasingly competitive real estate landscape, we see a growing trend towards market segmentation and heightened competition,” says Patel. “Therefore, we are actively enhancing and creating KW business communities to enable our agents to concentrate on expanding their businesses while fostering a stronger sense of connection, empowerment and influence. Our commitment to supporting our agents’ business growth is evident in the development of these communities, a collaborative effort between us and our agents.”

Sajag Patel
Chief Operating Officer

Keller Williams Realty International

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