Shelley Zavitz

OnTrack Agent

Shelley Zavitz is a prominent figure in the real estate realm and a Broker at Dwell Realty in Portland, Oregon. Beyond her brokerage role, she stands out as a bestselling author with two impactful books under her belt, “Your First 365 Days in Real Estate,” which has never moved from the top 10 real estate books on Amazon, and “Marketing That Moves People.” However, her influence extends far beyond the pages of her books.

As the founder and CEO of New Agent 365, a pioneering 12-week business development series tailored explicitly for agents with under two years of experience, Zavitz spearheaded the evolutionary This innovative platform introduces an on-demand video service, presenting curated training series alongside power and lifestyle videos and offering a distinctive copyright-protected streaming for real estate training.

Zavitz took it a step further in 2023 by establishing a central marketplace, providing a cohesive ecosystem for niche trainers to showcase and sell their expertise. This marketplace enables the sale of introductory sessions, consultations and one-on-one coaching hours, fostering a collaborative environment for skill exchange within the real estate community.

Zavitz’s commitment to nurturing aspiring agents is evident through her collaborations with elite trainers in the industry and her unwavering dedication to equipping real estate professionals for success.

“My whole goal is to elevate niche trainers, who have devoted their lives to learn the one thing they teach, and connect real estate agents who are having trouble connecting with someone who can actually move the needle of their success,” says Zavitz. “If we can change the habit of how a real estate agent expects to learn how to do this job, we can make large impacts on what the industry expects from them in the way of service and helping the average homeowner or buyer.”

Shelley Zavitz

OnTrack Agent

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