Tracey Anderson

CENTURY 21 Canada

After 20 years as an award-winning sales representative and team leader, Tracey Anderson took on a corporate role to teach real estate agents strategies for success. Anderson and fellow Newsmaker Mandy Streisel launched the CENTURY 21 Canada Concierge program in 2018 to increase engagement, productivity, and retention in the industry. The fast-paced program is designed to help CENTURY 21 franchisees in Canada learn to use the many tools and technologies the company offers. The program builds sales representatives’ confidence by identifying their skills and areas that could use improvement.

The program has received outstanding reviews from participants who say it helped them understand the many helpful tools available. Participants share that knowledge with other agents in their offices, which can often increase the productivity of the entire team. The course is currently being updated to include information on the new CENTURY 21 Tech Platform that will be launched in December 2018.

Tracey Anderson | Director of Knowledge & Learning

CENTURY 21 Canada

“The only aspect of the real estate industry that remains the same is change.”