Ulyana Viktyuk Inc. Brokerage

The war in Ukraine can seem far away, but Ulyana Viktyuk didn’t use that as an excuse not to chip in. During 2022, she spearheaded multiple charitable campaigns to help Ukraine. Among the most notable were collecting 250 iPods and laptops for Ukrainian refugee children; raising over 80K in donation funds through GoFundMe; collecting essential supplies (clothing, diapers, baby items), which were shipped to refugees in Bulgaria; and opening a Ukrainian – Bulgarian community daycare in Varna for Ukrainian refugees.

She also held events to further her mission, such as hosting an art gallery fundraiser where Ukranian artwork was displayed and auctioned, or a candlelight vigil event at Nathan Phillips Square Toronto in honor of all the children killed at the war in Ukraine 

Why did she go so above and beyond? “To be able to help people who are in need during the most challenging time.”

Ulyana Viktyuk
Creative Director Inc. Brokerage