Craig Sewing

Ignite Now Media

Craig Sewing is a San Diego-based television and radio personality with a background in real estate and finance. As CEO of Ignite Now Media, a full-service video marketing and production company founded in 2013, Sewing advocates for consumers through the television show he hosts and created, “The American Dream.” 

During his segments, Sewing offers opinion of current events, politics, and financial and real estate markets, as well as helps listeners, empowering them to win in any marketplace. His talk show hopes to “educate, empower and engage with his viewers on topics related to the American dream.” 

Craig Sewing | CEO

Ignite Now Media

"And after all the airplanes, hotels and hustle...this is the underlying, key ingredient that makes the whole recipe work...real relationships. Working synergistically towards a greater good. That’s the secret sauce. Not just of what we do...but of anyone striving for success. This is that key ingredient."