Giuseppe "JP" Piccinini

JP & Associates REALTORS®

Giuseppe “JP” Piccinini is the founder of JP and Associates REALTORS® (JPAR) and CEO of Vesuvius Holdings LLC, the parent company of JPAR, JPAR Franchising, LendGenie and other holdings. In 2019, JPAR successfully expanded into 10 new states and markets across the U.S., and it is now among the fastest-growing 100-percent commission brokerages in the country.

Piccinini describes his role as that of “visionary, prophet and industry disruptor.” He was born in Naples, Italy, and immigrated to Texas at the age of 13. After earning a degree in engineering from Midwestern University, Piccinini entered the real estate field, became a top-selling agent in South Carolina and eventually ran the top team in his market.

Giuseppe "JP" Piccinini | Founder

JP & Associates REALTORS®

"Paralysis by analysis is a real disease I hope I never catch. Blood and guts as we charge across all 50 states."