Gregg Menell

Pendulum Property Group

As testament to his trailblazing efforts over his tenure, Gregg Menell, CEO and managing broker of Pendulum Property Group, has been called “the Goldman Sachs of real estate,” by his clients and constituents. Leveraging his diverse background in law, investment banking, product development, strategy and client service at a Fortune 500 company, Menell has quickly transformed the homebuying and selling experience.

In 2019, Menell launched the Scarsdale Housing Market Facebook Group, providing real-time data and market insights to 1,400 community members. In 2023, he became a part of the HGAR Professional Standards Committee, cut clients’ commission costs by $125,000, totaling more than $600,000 since starting his business, and routinely sent out newsletters to a community of over 1,000 members, highlighting his dedication to customer satisfaction.

“The most rewarding part of my career is the relationships I develop with my clients and the difference I make for them,” says Menell. “For my buyers, I am not a cheerleader for the home. I view my role as helping make sure they don’t make the wrong decision and I point out all the challenges and risks. My clients have been enormously appreciative of my insight, effort and guidance and that is the most rewarding part of my career.”

Menell has found himself in the unique position where members of his Facebook group engaged with other agents would reach out to him for advice on their deals. Even though he does not get compensated, Menell enjoys providing them unbiased complimentary advice, without interfering with their deals, so they can make informed decisions.

Gregg Menell
CEO & Managing Broker

Pendulum Property Group

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