Marilyn Wilson

WAV Group

Marilyn Wilson is a founding partner of WAV Group, which provides strategic insights and consumer research for the real estate industry. The company provides thought leadership and objectively evaluates complex issues for technology companies in North and South America and Europe.

In 2019, Wilson led an effort to create a statewide, broker-owned and -managed MLS in Louisiana. CRMLS, one of largest MLSs in the U.S., is being contracted to provide its world-class support and technologies, instead of building them locally. This will be the first complete outsource of an MLS organization across state lines. Wilson believes that model can be used in other places to support brokers and to help them serve markets that are currently underserved. 

Marilyn Wilson | Founding Partner

WAV Group

"In the waves of change we find our true direction. I like to educate the industry on the waves of change that are coming so we can surf the changes and become ever stronger as an industry."