Mark Spain

Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain, founder and CEO of Mark Spain Real Estate, developed his passion for real estate after watching his father lead the family home-building business. After a successful 15-year career as an agent, Spain opened his business with a relentless focus on the client experience, always putting their goals first. This includes assigning a dedicated and specialized agent to each client, as well as a client concierge to support them through the sales process. Spain operates a team-structured brokerage made up of 245 agents, and has earned the top real estate team ranking for closed transactions by The Wall Street Journal for the third consecutive year in 2020.

“We strive to provide an unparalleled client experience, and our team continually focuses on improving our communication, marketing and how we sell homes,” says Spain. “We are incredibly grateful for the growth, success and accomplishments we have achieved over the last five years.”

Mark Spain
Founder & CEO

Mark Spain Real Estate

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