Matthew Ferrara

The Learning Network LLC

For more than 30 years, Matthew Ferrara has inspired individuals and organizations worldwide to think, plan, act and grow. As a philosopher, speaker, mentor and writer, Ferrara plays roles ranging from CEO coach, resident advisor, board member, retreat host and more. 

He currently runs The Learning Network LLC and serves as the dean of Innovation for Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. He is co-author and faculty leader for Realogy’s Ascend Executive Leadership Experience and resident philosopher for MoxiWorks, as well as private firms in North American and Europe.

In 2019, Ferrara’s greatest accomplishment was the expansion of growth retreats featuring creative writing, photography and personal development activities, including a writers retreat in Florence, Italy, a happiness retreat in Colorado and various photography tours in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

“These events have provided an alternate pathway to both personal and professional growth for clients and peers, complementing their formal educational and conference-based learning activities with real-world interactive challenges and experiences,” says Ferrara.

Ferrara has over three decades of experience in sales, marketing, management, technology and leadership development worldwide, including a decade operating one of the largest call center and webinar-based learning organizations in the real estate industry, being a preferred training partner to more than two dozen leading real estate companies and franchisees nationwide, and serving as a frequent keynote speaker for national and local events.

“People want our presence, not our presents,” says Ferrara. “When we become a moment of time-well-spent, we begin to attract the success we deserve.”

Matthew Ferrara

The Learning Network LLC

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