McKenzie Ryan


McKenzie Ryan, a Compass real estate agent, is a Manhattan native who uses her Instagram account to share her in-depth knowledge of Manhattan and Brooklyn with prospective homebuyers. In addition to posting photos of well-known landmarks, she describes hidden gems and tells stories explaining how each neighborhood developed its individual character.

Ryan believes that, when searching for real estate, people are interested in much more than square footage and amenities. When potential buyers understand the history of an area and what makes it unique, they often feel an emotional connection that makes them want to call that place home.

Ryan attributes much of her success to her use of social media. She believes that real estate agents who expect photos alone to sell properties are missing out on an opportunity to connect with potential buyers. She thinks that using social media to showcase the many facets of a city and its neighborhoods is an effective way to attract customers.

Before pursuing a career in real estate, Ryan was a National Rhythmic Gymnast who trained for the Olympics, as well as a classical ballerina. Her strong work ethic motivates her to provide top-notch service to her clients, and her competitive nature has made her one of New York City’s top-performing real estate agents. She is also known for her ability to spot wise real estate investment opportunities and to help her clients devise strategies that lead to success.

McKenzie Ryan

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