Miah Yoo

Real Estate Board of New York

Sometimes, embracing the future doesn’t mean trendsetting, but just getting with the consensus. Miah Yoo pushed the Real Estate Board of New York to embrace the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) Web API for their listing service, allowing for easier flow of real estate industry data to and from New York.

“This strategic leap into innovation and modernization brought transformative changes now enjoyed by our technology providers and members by rendering previously intricate and opaque data comprehensible and readily available,” says Yoo.

“Overcoming the unique challenges posed by New York City’s distinctive data landscape was no small feat, but our work yielded a paradigm shift, ushering in a new era of data management marked by heightened efficiency and security. This shift will not only garner the attention of multinational stakeholders, but also augments our potential to engage with a global audience beyond the United States,” she adds.

“Those who embrace the RESO standard will enjoy the convenience of a standardized data dictionary, allowing for streamlined processes and a remarkable enhancement in overall operational efficiency,” says Yoo. “This experience has cemented my belief in the importance of embracing technological advancement whenever possible, which will lead our industry into the future.”

Miah Yoo
Director of Operations

Real Estate Board of New York
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