Amit Kulkarni

Bright MLS

Bright MLS’ marketing and communications team, led by Amit Kulkarni, made numerous strategic contributions to Bright MLS’s overall success in 2023, including a series of unique research studies including the 2023 On-MLS study, a report on the government’s Covid-19 response and its impact on real estate, and how remote work is changing the housing market.  

2023 also saw the launch of Nestfully, a next-gen real estate ecosystem designed to foster collaboration and communication between agents and consumers through the MLS in 4 major markets: Bright, CRMLS, REColorado, Beaches and Miami.  

The team delivered the strategic “Value of Open Marketplace” campaign, raising consumer and key leader awareness of the importance of an open and clear marketplace, and its support of fair and equitable access to housing. Notably, Bright solidified its position as a national real estate leader, securing Tier 1 media coverage for its research, advocacy efforts, and insightful analysis of the Mid-Atlantic market. Finally, the team submitted recommendations to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFBP) on the importance of transparency as it relates to AVMs in real estate.  

When asked about his mindset when approaching his work throughout the year, Kulkarni says: “I like helping people and doing what’s right for this industry. In a year where so much has gone wrong for this industry, I am grateful that in some small way, I have tried to do my part to impart a little good, while supporting the professionals that help make home a reality for millions of Americans every day.”

Amit Kulkarni
Chief Marketing Officer

Bright MLS
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