Michael Minard

Delta Media Group

Michael Minard, CEO and owner of Delta Media Group, encourages real estate professionals to embrace the potential of artificial intelligence. He has played a key role in dispelling myths about AI and educating real estate professionals about both the challenges and opportunities it presents.

In 2023, Delta Media Group launched DeltaNET version 7, a “made for mobile,” CRM-based, all-in-one digital marketing platform that uses AI and is customizable and easy to use. Delta Media Group also launched Delta Create, a suite of creative tools, last year.

“The most rewarding part of my career is seeing decades worth of work starting to come together with a very mature, fully customizable engine and platform that enables clients to power their business with their unique perspective and approach to doing business,” says Minard.

“And, to this point, Delta has been able to partner with multiple large real estate firms in 2023 that have always built their technology in-house, and they are outsourcing it to Delta because of the customization they are able to accomplish combined with the power and functionality of the platform.”

Michael Minard
CEO and Owner

Delta Media Group

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