Randy Rector

HomeSmart Evergreen Realty

Randy Rector, CEO and owner of the HomeSmart Evergreen Realty franchise, recently opened several offices from a competing franchise company in Southern California.

In 2019, Rector partnered with Realty ONE Group to operate its seven Orange County and Inland Empire, Calif., offices. All the offices will remain in the Realty ONE Group family, and Rector will continue to simultaneously operate his existing HomeSmart offices. Rector suggests his creative business choices are examples of the type of entrepreneurial thinking today’s market requires. Although this is unorthodox of franchising in any industry, he saw an opportunity to grow his business and provide more opportunities for agents and consumers in the area.

“This was an exciting opportunity for me to invest in a brand that continually generates innovative ideas, systems and processes,” said Rector in a statement. “Our Realty ONE Group professionals can expect the same great experience from their offices and more as the company continues to push boundaries and create new opportunities for them to be successful in their business.”

Rector offers a concierge package of ancillary service companies, which provides a one-stop shop experience for agents and consumers. He owns an escrow company and works with affiliated property management, natural hazard disclosure and home warranty businesses. HomeSmart Evergreen Realty, which Rector has owned and operated since 2005, is a top recruiter in the HomeSmart franchise system and among the network’s largest franchises not corporate owned.

Randy Rector
CEO & Owner

HomeSmart Evergreen Realty
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