Steve Capezza


In January 2023, Steve Capezza became the first person to hold the position of Side’s president. Side is a brokerage-as-a-service platform that helps leading agents and teams thrive without the cost, time or risk of running a brokerage.

Capezza focuses on protecting and refining the customer experience and fostering strong relationships. He believes that Side’s collaborative community is one of the things that makes it stand out in the industry.

Since taking on his new role, Capezza has focused on building stronger connections. He led a significant restructuring to foster in-person relationships between Side employees, who are known as “inSiders,” and the partners they serve.

Unlike many other companies that focused on returning to their offices after the COVID-19 pandemic, Side emphasized returning to the community. The company aimed to have inSiders out in the field working with their local agent partners as much as possible.

inSiders hold monthly in-person office meetings and other local events to allow people to connect face-to-face and build relationships. Those efforts have increased partner engagement across the community.

Capezza says what he enjoys most about his role is “working with our partners. This community is unlike any other I’ve seen in real estate; it’s this amazing group of best-in-class real estate owners and operators, and it’s a pleasure to be able to work so closely with them.”

Steve Capezza


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