York Baur


With eight years under his belt as CEO of MoxiWorks, York Baur has brought solutions and guidance to some of the largest and most innovative brokerages in the country. He published a recovery handbook, Grit Unlocked, offering fresh, optimistic perspectives through a time of uncertainty.

Baur has served as a leading voice in the industry while navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic, sharing his inspiring philosophy to be productive, supportive and optimistic. He is constantly looking for ways to improve the industry to move forward, stronger than before. Baur credits the success of MoxiWorks to not only a well-built organization, but the strength of the firm’s team, network and relationships, as well.

York Baur | Chief Executive Officer


I've been fortunate to be at the helm of an incredible team of people who have helped to build an incredible network of customers that is now an ongoing force in our industry."

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