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How to Avoid Reducing Your Commission

In today’s economy, everyone is trying to pinch pennies. In real estate, one way sellers attempt to do this is by asking their agents to

3 Ways to Break Up With a Bad Client

Have you ever worked with a client you wished you could cut ties with? Maybe they never showed up for appointments or constantly delayed when

3 Tips for Winning Sellers Over iBuyers

When sellers are looking to move their home quickly, some may be tempted to turn to an instant home-purchasing program. While these offers may look

Black Friday in Real Estate

Black Friday is known for great customer deals. Consumers often scour sales flyers before planning their shopping trips. In real estate, there isn’t a Black

Revamp Your Luxury Marketing Campaigns

While luxury homes sales have been bearing the brunt of a mini-recession, recent stats have shown that the market may be on the upswing. According

5 Ways to Break Into the Luxury Market

Real estate agents often hope to focus on a specific niche. For some, this could be first-time homebuyers, green-home enthusiasts or renters. An especially popular

3 Reasons Your Listing Isn’t Selling

While the market is shifting, many still consider it to favor sellers. Luxury property sales have begun to slow, but many affordably-priced homes are still moving quickly.

7 Ways to Make iBuyers Work for You

iBuyers have been cropping up all over the country, often causing agents to worry about their place in real estate. In the most recent Secrets

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