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Foreclosure Limbo Grinds Down Potential Buyers

RISMEDIA, November 9, 2010—(MCT)—Josh and Tayla Thomforde thought they had a deal to buy a three-bedroom house with a fenced-in backyard and room for their

Is Justice Dead?

RISMEDIA, June 15, 2010—“Judge W. H. Mantor Commits Act of Shooting Self in Fit of Insanity at His Home.” So read the headline from an

What Do You Owe and to Whom Do You Owe It?

RISMEDIA, June 8, 2010—“Produce the Note” foreclosure defense strategies have given some people hope, albeit false in many cases, in defending their homes against unlawful

8 Things You Must Include in a Financial Plan

RISMEDIA, May 3, 2010—Just like a comprehensive will or family trust, people need to give serious attention to in-depth financial planning. Financial planning addresses everything

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