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5 Trends That Will Move Mortgages and Housing in 2022

(TNS)—In the Amazon age, consumers are more pampered—and less patient—than ever. Tap your phone and, voilà—hot food from your favorite restaurant arrives in minutes. High-end electronics appear on your doorstep in hours. However, the mortgage industry has yet to deliver anything like that level of instant gratification. The typical time from application to consummation of…

Inflation Is Back in a Big Way: What That Means for Borrowers and Mortgages

(TNS)—Inflation hit 6.8% in November, its loftiest level since the long-ago era of Reaganomics and America’s war on inflation. If prices continue to soar, mortgage rates will head higher, too. But there’s a silver lining to this cloud for borrowers as well. Today’s combination of low mortgage rates and high inflation is exceedingly rare. So…

Home Prices Keep Shattering Records: How Can Buyers Cope?

(TNS)—Home prices can’t keep going up forever. Can they? During the COVID-19 contagion, Americans proved willing to pay a premium for homes—so much so that home prices shattered all records. Spurred by historically low mortgage rates, lack of inventory and a pandemic-inspired nesting instinct, buyers keep bidding up home prices. The median price of an…

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