Alex Likholyot

Planitar Inc., The Creators of iGUIDE

In 2023, Alex Likholyot and Planitar Inc. launched several new products under the iGUIDE branding.

Among these new products were the iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans (allowing consumers to draw digital floor plans), iGUIDE Preview (a 3D tour of digital floor plans), iGUIDE Real-Time Tagging (to snap images or “bookmarks” during virtual tours) and the iGUIDE Instant Sketch (property loss documentation software).

“The most rewarding part of my career has been watching fellow entrepreneurs use iGUIDE tools and technology to grow their businesses,” says Likholyot.

“As the founder and CEO of a growing company, I am well-versed in their challenges and how demanding the journey can be to reach success. I’ll never forget what it was like in the early days. In many ways, those memories still drive our decisions today. As the world collectively pivots to increasingly digital platforms and remote accommodations, Planitar will build on our ongoing success with more new products and services to serve our global community even better.”

Alex Likholyot
Co-Founder & CEO

Planitar Inc., The Creators of iGUIDE
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