Austin Smith


Austin Smith was born into a real estate family and became a licensed agent at 19. He has been an active investor since 2002.

Smith’s goal is to empower others to profit from what he considers an unfairly advantaged asset class. He was the catalyst for the building of the Millionacres brand and now serves as managing director.

Each month, Smith and his team publish hundreds of pieces of free educational content, as well as an email newsletter, podcast, YouTube channel and three premium subscription services. In the past year, Millionacres’ free real estate investing content has educated over 10 million individuals.

“Real estate investing today looks like equities in the ’90’s: obfuscated, expensive and intimidating,” Smith says. “But today, like then, we’re on the edge of a sea change that will see massive democratization for individuals in the decades ahead, and I couldn’t be more excited by it.”

Austin Smith
Managing Director

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