Carlos Matias

PropTech Solutions

Carlos Matias is the founder and CEO of PropTech Solutions, the holding company of GryphTech and Phoenix Software. Matias focuses on building long-term relationships and providing customers with the tools they need to grow and expand. Those companies together provide lead-to-close real estate technology to top firms in over 60 countries and 40 languages.

Under Matias’ leadership, Phoenix Software has increased its user base by over 80 percent in the past year. The company has signed on new franchises that wanted to adopt a global platform as part of a long-term strategy. Matias and his companies meet the unique challenges of expanding into other countries with different languages and cultures head-on.

Carlos Matias | Founder & CEO

PropTech Solutions

"International real estate technology is not for the faint of heart. The real estate industry outside of North America has been like the Wild West, and we have successfully pioneered through that landscape for over 20 years."