Cindy House-Mishko

Keller Williams Tri-Cities

Cindy House-Mishko has long been a respected residential agent with Keller Williams Tri-Cities in Kennewick, Wash., but it was how she reacted in a hairy situation this past August that’s landed her name in headlines.

On a Monday afternoon in Kennewick, House-Mishko was driving down South Harris Street when she noticed a large fire in the backyard of a home she was passing. Little did she know, shortly before she had driven past the home, a propane tank had exploded and the gazebo sitting next to it was completely engulfed in flames.

Cindy House-Mishko | REALTOR®

Keller Williams Tri-Cities

Cindy House-Mishko may be respected in her area for her skills as an agent, but for some time, most people will be referring to her first as a hero.