David Mele

David Mele, president of, spent much of 2019 getting the message out that the company believes in trust and tradition, providing listing data you can count on and keeping the focus on agents in changing times.

As some real estate search portals embrace replacing real estate professionals with web-based iBuyer platforms, Mele says recognizes that agents are indispensable to the industry and is dedicated to tooling them with smarter products to maximize their business. He has positioned the company as an ally to real estate pros, best illustrated by its practice of sending a copy of every consumer inquiry on a property to the listing agent, regardless of whether the agent is an advertiser.

David Mele | President

“In the last year or two, there’s been some real disruption. Real, impactful change is underway, and the brokerage is left to figure out, ‘Who can I partner with to grow my business? Who can I trust?' Those things matter now more than ever.”