Faith Geronimo

Hawaii Information Service

Faith Geronimo, after serving as general manager and vice president of Hawaii Information Service, has been appointed to president and CEO of the company. She has led the company through an incredible financial rebound, meanwhile earning recognition from the Hawaii business community for her leadership and focus on company culture.

With 20-plus years of experience, Geronimo’s insights are continuously sought out by the business press on the intersection of technology and real estate. She has helped develop and maintain the only fully-integrated property and parcel-based MLS systems in the country.

In 2021, she will spearhead the release of the company’s next generation MLS and tax record application, built from the ground up with modern frameworks and technologies.

“This conversion will bring many changes, but also unleash new potential,” Geronimo explains. “I’m confident that our members will find a lot to love about the new system, and meanwhile, it gives our company greater freedom to broaden and grow all facets of its business.”

Faith Geronimo
President & CEO

Hawaii Information Service
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