Georgia Perez


As chief growth officer of LiveEasy, Georgia Perez is dedicated to merging technology with traditional practices, and championing authentic client relationships to help reshape the real estate landscape.

In 2023, Perez focused on solving key industry challenges: agents’ tech reluctance and the need for lasting customer relationships. Drawing from her extensive experience, she formed a dedicated adoption and engagement team, who collectively boast 75 years experience working in real estate marketing, tech and continued education. This initiative created comprehensive systems crucial for a brokerage to successfully launch and adopt tools in partnership with their platform, all of which were offered at no additional charge.

In addition to inclusive marketing kits and outcome-driven training sessions, her smart solutions include a lifetime home management service and a free client follow-up program, aimed at boosting repeat and referral business while keeping the agent at the core of a client’s experience, and showcasing the ongoing value of the brokerage. Perez’s hands-on and goal-driven approach highlights her dedication to reshaping support processes, guaranteeing real success for both brokerages and agents.

“The most rewarding part of my career has been creating success for my companies that is all geared around creating success for our clients,” says Perez. “If I simply made lots of money for my own company, that might fulfill the job requirements, but it wouldn’t be half as rewarding as celebrating the improvements our services create for our clients. That’s what gets me up every day looking to solve the issues that prevent the ROI for the typical user. I help them dip their toes in the waters of tech, get them comfortable and teach them how to swim.”

Georgia Perez
Chief Growth Officer


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