Gregory Sexton

Century 21 Real Estate LLC

He calls them “The Wolfpack.” Gregory Sexton’s team might not prowl remote tundra and mountain landscapes or take down big game with teeth and claws, but like wolves they are focused, coordinated and relentless. 

Creating new value and opportunities for CENTURY 21’s independent broker network is a constant drive for Sexton, who saw more than 60 companies and more than $150 million adjusted gross commission renew last year. Getting to know franchise owners both from a professional and personal perspective allows Sexton and his teams to form the kind of trust-based bonds that evolve into a loyal and interconnected relationship, and sales professionals support these owners every step of the way. That ability to provide value, and those connections with CENTURY 21’s real estate professionals are truly everything, according to Sexton.

“It’s all about the Wolfpack,” he says, “and the relationships we have with our customers.”

Gregory Sexton

Century 21 Real Estate LLC

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