Jerry Modes


Jerry Modes, senior vice president of information technology at RE/MAX, LLC, has a bold vision for the company’s technology and has been making that vision a reality since joining RE/MAX in late 2018. In his role, Modes oversees internal IT operations, membership data infrastructure and the ongoing development of data-driven RE/MAX technology products.

Modes worked in-depth with the co-founders of booj, a web development and software firm acquired by RE/MAX, to propel the release of RE/MAX’s booj platform in August 2019. Taking personal feedback from network users and deploying alpha and beta testing are just a few examples of Modes’ data integration into the development of booj technology. The platform’s roll-out was only the beginning, as its development will be continuous, adapting to the needs and demands of the network. Modes’ work has helped ensure that RE/MAX has a lasting impact on technology during this period of change for the industry.

Jerry Modes | SVP of Information Technology


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